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Surplus Computer
LG CU400

Surplus Computers and Discount Computers Are New Computers!

Surplus computer just means that manufacturer excess, overstock, and slightly obsolete inventories in HUGE quantities were purchased. What that means for you, our customer, is truly remarkable discount computer prices! These benefits and values of surplus computers were traditionally available to only large volume commercial buyers, dealers, and corporate level buyers. But now discount computers are also sold retail so you can get all the benefits too.

The sellers of surplus computers and discount computers are committed to offering tremendous savings to you, the retail customer. Desktop PCs, laptops, notebooks, barebones, whole computer systems, computer accessories, everything in computers you can find in surplus and discount computers.

Repackaged products are sometimes sold as surplus computers or discount computers but they are always evaluated, tested and quality assured, fully functional and repackaged for shipment.

Also, sometimes sold as surplus computers or discount computers are open box products which are retested, quality assured, fully functional and complete. The customer can expect original manufacturer packaging.

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